Resist the Deportation Machine - A Coalition of NJ Social Justice & Immigrant Rights Groups Working to End Immigration Detention and All Cooperation with ICE in NJ

Dear Governor Murphy,

We, the undersigned activist and social justice groups, are calling on you to exercise your emergency power to immediately release all people held pursuant to intergovernmental service agreements with ICE in the county jails and all those held at the Elizabeth Detention Center. We stand in solidarity with, ACLU-NJ, American Friends Service Committee- Newark People’s Organization for Progress, and other criminal justice advocates that have already called for the immediate release of as many inmates in New Jersey’s penal facilities as possible. We call on you to release on parole all non-violent prisoners, all elderly or sick prisoners and all prisoners nearing their release.

We call on you to act swiftly in the interest of public health and safety, not only for those in the jails and the detention center, but also for the public at large. In order to control the spread of the virus, it is imperative that these people be released and not simply transferred to another detention facility hundreds of miles away.

The threat of a coronavirus outbreak in New Jersey’s jails and the Elizabeth Detention Center is imminent. People locked up in immigration detention are extremely vulnerable to the spread of infectious disease due to their deprivation of liberty, deteriorating health while in detention, physical proximity to others who may be infected, and the track record of inadequate medical care in Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) custody. Over three thousand medical professional demanded on March 19 that ICE release the detainees now. Doctors employed by DHS itself have warned of “tinderbox” spread unless the detainees are released.

Jails and detention centers are not sealed environments. They require significant outside staffing in rotating shifts. The concentration of people, plus the rotation of people from different parts of the community through these facilities, makes them much more vulnerable. In addition, what happens within the jail is sure to spread to the local community.

The coronavirus will take the path of least resistance to spread. It is your duty to protect the entire community by clearing the jails of all those who can be released without endangering public safety. We urge you to fulfill this duty immediately.


Bergen College Socialists

Bergen County Immigration Strategy Group

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Close The Camps NJ

Cosecha NJ

Decarcerate the Garden State

Elizabeth NJ Catholic Worker

Freedom Socialist Party

Green Party of Monmouth County NJ

Green Party of New Jersey

Haiti Solidarity Network of the Northeast

Haitian Bridge Alliance

Hoffman for Senate 2020

Hudson For All


Indivisible NJ5

Jews Against ICE New Jersey

Jobs and Equal Rights for All

Lazos America Unida

Never Again Action New Jersey

Never Again Newark

New Jersey Jewish Coalition for Refugees

New Jersey Peace Action

New Jersey Progressive Democrats of Union County

Nichelle Velazquez, 2019 Jobs and Equal Rights for All Candidate for the NJ State Assembly, 29th Legislative District

NJ Anti-War Agenda

NJ State Industrial Union Council

NJ Unitarian Universalist Faith Action

North Jersey DSA Immigrant Justice Working Group

Occupy Bergen County

Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Our Revolution Passaic County

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Pax Christi NJ

Radical Women

Reformed Church of Highland Park

Resist the Deportation Machine

St. Peter's University Social Justice Program

Students For Justice Maplewood/South Orange

Sunrise Movement Morris County

The Students for Justice Club at Columbia High School

Unidad Latina en Accion

Welcome Home Jersey City

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Gold Carson
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Susan Nolan
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Josephine Trzaska
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Laura Morowitz
Zia Durrani
Ashley DeNegre
Heather Craven
Han Broekman
Rabbi Bronwen Mullin
Karen Haskin
Julie Fratrik
Jim Price
Yael Webber
Lawrence Wilkins
Justin Woo
Helen Leshinsky
Nidia Lopez
Linda Velwest
Robin Alvarado
Katherine Bickerton
Susan Jackson
Osmel Barreto Prieto
Laila Gold
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    Maria Eva Dorigo
  • Anna fridlis
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  • Fabiola Davila
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    Free them all now !
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    Laura Morowitz
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    Just do it!
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    Free them all.
  • Susan Jackson
    signed 2020-03-23 16:01:44 -0400
    Being undocumented is not a crime that is punishable by death. #FreeThemAll Also, please stop ICE from increasingly terrorizing our immigrant neighbors during this global crisis!
  • Osmel Barreto Prieto
    signed 2020-03-23 15:51:24 -0400
  • Laila Gold
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